Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 76

Time is abso-poso-lutely flying by. its wonderful. i cant effectively describe how much i love it here. my need for moving is currently sedated due to my only being at my own place of residence a couple of nights a week. its positively lovely. and im having a chicken pot pie for dinner. which makes today the bestest day ever. =]

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 68

Happy Halloween (every)one! im fully aware that no one is hanging onto the edges of their seats for every installment of this REALLY boring blog. maybe one day that will change. the boring factor that is, not the amount of people waiting ever so patiently. hmmmm maybe i should start a webcomic. maybe. or i can just start putting up some of my designs/ already made pieces.

ANYWAY my musings was not the point of this entry. it was to wish you a fun costume day. i was going to be a cute lil gumball machine, but it was out of stock and i didnt have ample time to make one myself. and this caused a sad. so an angel i am, again. pictures? maybe eventually. depending on if any come out to my liking.

So, have fun. be safe. check your candy for razor blades yadda yadda yadda.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 64

man does time ever fly. im still loving it out here. its making me think. question all of my beliefs. hopefully im changing for the better.

it has been officially decided (by me) that this is my home base. no matter how much traveling i do in my life time. this is home. every time i see a little house wedged between big buildings all i can think is O_O WAAANNT -i blame Stuart Little-

im not really sure why, but this seems ideal to me. SO this is a goal for when i decide i am enough of a grown up to actually start looking into buying vs. renting.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 26

God, has it really been twenty six days already? yes (i counted twice). honestly i've probably spent a third sleeping at friends' places haha. ive learned the public transit system better, gone to a grocery store that is so hispanic that even the radio is on a spanish speaking station, seen a rather creepy manikin (a 'young' girl with a bunny head) - during the day it isnt so bad, but at night? all alone? when youre kinda lost? damn. its pretty freaky. ive also participated in an epic robot apocalypse themed game of tag. unfortunately all i have for souvenirs from that adventure is a couple of picture sized fliers, a purple ribbon, and two huge blisters on my heals. but it really was quite fun.

ive been going to story time things with my friends lately. They are called Here's the Story and Grown Folks Stories. They have both been a ton of fun so far. The epic game of tag was actually hosted by the Here's the Story crew. again, mucho funness. after Grown Folks Stories the other day we went out for noms. i found an enjoyable sign and took a picture.

at first you think "20 tacos??? who would want to buy 20? how often did that happen before they felt the need to put the sign up???" BUT they were on the smaller side and SUPER good. which made the 20 taco limit more understandable.

"This is too small to be this tasty"

had to get the same one. twice ;]

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2

Today is day 2 of official Chicago living. And it is amazing. And its funny, you'd think that i'd miss the stars, the crickets, the hills, the winding roads. But i dont. Not terribly anyway. I notice the lack of such things, but i dont really miss them. I'm all too happy to replace them with traffic lights, sirens, skyscrapers, and grids for roads. I love it here. I went to navy pier and millennium park today. Saw the trees that were being held back by iron bars. It reminded me of a song

"They took all the trees
and put them in a tree musieum
and theyre chargin the people a dollar and a half to see em

now now now dont it always seem to go
that you dont know what you got till its gone
they paved paradise
and put up a parking lot"

I have no idea who sings it, and i dont really feel like looking it up. But i do really like it, and its prolly not even right haha. And thats that. I'll edit this post later and put in some pics of my day (which was a date by the way, for anyone who cares about my personal/love life). But ya, pics, soon.

ok, sorry its been so long! i know its been over twenty days since i said soon for pics. (even though im quite convinced that no one actually cares haha)
Navy Pier
The Marilyn Monroe Statue

The trees I mentioned earlier

Part of Millennium Park?

Picasso Sculpture
(from behind) 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 0

so tired. BUT! im just about done.

just packing the purse before i leave. and other misc. things that need to wait.

so gone. so so so gone. hehe. just 6 hours till chi town!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day -2

Two days until Chicago.
Two days until my life starts.
Two days until who knows.
And I absolutely cannot wait.

I'm partway through packing. There is crap EVERYWHERE! I don't know where half of it came from! When did I end up getting so much STUFF????? I'm sure this is a common problem with other movers as well. I must learn how to throw things away. Give things away. Get rid of superfluous items. I hope to have a better handle on this skill in the future.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Sorry to all of one person who still looks at this occasionally! Everythings been hectic. And confusing. And...stationary. BUT I'm going to chicago in 11 days. so all of that will soon change =] sit tight. some ACTUAL travel stuff will pop up eventually.

Friday, May 27, 2011

some dramatic scenes later


and i think my corner of chaos just got vetoed. -__-

i finagled my way into getting three days off of work in a row so im going to head to connecticut at some point to visit the bf and friends =3

going out with some of the people from work tonight and i get to wear my new dress, actually it was requested by the birthday girl ;] i have become child, younger sister, and apparently role model? they've quite enjoyed my sugar-sweet NON work attire, so i guess now its become a thing to them haha. pics? possibly.

peace, love, and waffle fries.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the quiet rage...

...its the worst kind.

i am going to apologize in advance for the word vomit that is about to ensue. SO to all 2 people who occasionally look at this blog. i am sorry. but i just need to vent, what better place to do so than on the internet?

and so it begins

I have this horrible habit of not telling a story from the beginning, im going to to my best to make sure this makes sense. On april 15th of this year (2011 in case anyone forgot) i went to dinner with my dad. while we were in the car he got a phone call, and mentioned that he and i just had dinner, during the short conversation. since he mentioned me casually, it is easily deduced that the person on the other end knows me. I made the mistake of presuming that i knew them. i asked who it was, and got this look of shock. and he said "dont worry about it."

-__- really?????  because thats not suspicious at all. but i knew that if i hounded him about it i would never get the answer. Now, let me point out right here, that if he had lied here, we could have cut out about 50% of my worry time, and one crazy nightmare.

later on that night, i get a text from him saying that he wasnt prepared for that question. a text. HE WAS LESS THAN 6 FEET FROM ME!!! a few texts later he laughs it off and continues to evade my questions. so i proved my theory, that if i hounded him he wouldnt give me anything. thus i moved on to theory number 2. leave it completely alone and maybe, just maybe he'll tell me.

this brings us to the day before easter. by this time i had already deduced that it was probably someone that he was interested in. (because of the country music that could be heard coming from his room -he hasnt listened to it since he broke up with his last girlfriend and all the ones playing were sappy- and his phone alerting him that he had a text message every few seconds, logical enough?) i was talking to someone who agreed that it was prolly someone he was interested in and jokingly brought up the idea that it might be a guy. this idea stuck in my head. now i wouldnt have a problem if my dad was gay, it would be odd, but id survive.

but now that my suspicions of dating were confirmed, i began to wonder why he didnt tell me. this brings us to today May 10th (again 2011). (yes im skipping some, but im trying to make this the rather condensed version) he still hasnt told me. and at this point he doesnt really need to. for the past few nights he has come home at 11:30 or later, which is highly unusual for him.

if he had told me earlier, or at ALL that he was with someone, or that he was interested in someone or ANYTHING this wouldnt really be as much of an issue. because we could talk about it. and i could meet them and asses their threat level. now, let me say that i have not had the best of luck with parental dating. My parents split up in kindergarten (the first day actually) pretty soon mom was dating again. its pretty sketchy when i look back on it, but thats another story for another day. lets see, we'll go by parent in chronological order (keep in mind these are only the ones i know about, im sure there are more). First there was John. curly haired man who my cat didnt like, who also tried to come into the bathroom with me. to this day i do not believe he had good intentions, and to this day my mother denies that it even happened. then there was brian i believe. he was a color blind cop with 3 kids. nothing bad there, but we slept over one night after the eldest watched the three of us kids and i threw up in the middle of the night. then there was Todd. who was great. he had a son, who was a little younger than me and lived in arizona. i met him at least once. he was a great parent, apparently not too good with money and he smoked cigars occasionally. but i loved him. he was funny, i called him Toddy and he played with me. and then one day he was gone. he moved to arizona to be closer to his son. which quite honestly is understandable. then there was eric. mom dated him for a while, got pregnant, married him in vegas without telling me while i was with my dad for a weekend. he was and is an abusive ass hole who will never earn my respect. without getting into it too much -another story for another time again- mom left him and went back a half dozen times. durring one of the longer ones, while they actually started to get a divorce, she dated someone else. Rick. Richard. Ronald. Roland. No, not Roland. its inconsequential. he was the father of someone in my high school, and in my class. i was told i would only find out if i guessed who the kid was. i did. first try. my mother came home one night, well morning, at 4:30ish. needless to say i was pissed. we had a screaming match, at 4:35ish. when she got back together with eric each time she kept it a secret, and each time i found out i was devastated. im quite sure i have a problem with secrets regarding relationships because of her. i wouldnt be surprised if i have more easter eggs like that hiding somewhere just waiting until i can smell the rot.

onto my dad. the first person that i know of him dating after him and mom got divorced was jen. thankfully i dont remember a lot about her. apparently i loved her at first. and then she was horrible to me later. after a few years they split up, and she moved to PA. but they werent divorced. dad met karen, who in my opinion was awesome. she didnt try to be my mom, and she didnt try too hard to be my friend. she just let it happen, and it did. and it was great. for the first time in a while i had a stability that i LIKED. i had my own room at her house. we made apple pies together. the three of us had the same sense of humor that is SO rare. a lot of times ill tell a joke that i think is hilarious, and i just get a "eeeeeeeeeh hehehe?" and it started going downhill. im not entirely sure why. i dont know the dynamics, dad will call her crazy and i'll politely agree. isnt he crazy, arent i? i thought we prided ourselves on that. they tried to foster a baby boy. his name was jason. and we called him baby jay. he had been thrown, was mostly deaf and need a tube in his throat to breathe, and another tube in his stomach to eat.

He was looking at me in this last one here. i dont normally like kids. and i was trying to stay cold, but i melted. we all did. they didnt get him. and i think that was the last straw. like how some parents divorce after a child dies. i'll get to the full baby jay story another day. at some point dad and karen broke up and he went back to jen, and then that ended and after a while i think he went back to karen? and then it was baby jay? im all messed up. its like a confusing soap opera.

so as ive said before, havent had the best of luck with potential and actual step parents. im sure it was worse for them because they were actually IN the relationship. but i was the one getting dragged back and forth. im trying to think of the most stable thing in my life, something thats been here since the begining, and aside from my parents existing and the cheesy "my parents love for me", i cant think of anything. not a damn thing. cant something important stay the same? for ten minutes? please? its like the world is spinning around me, and i try to run to catch up, but every time i stop to see if ive made any head way, im only further behind...

SO what this rant comes down to. do i have the right to be mad, and to want to know whats going on, so i can be prepaired. so that maybe, i might have a shot at keeping up on the swirling mess around me?

please please please comment. i want your opinions. preferably BEFORE i have a battle royale with my dad.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

WWOOOO HOOOO saturday!

this day comes fully packed with forgetting that its saturday and thinking that you missed work. cat going under the covers for the sole purpose of attacking your feet. eating last night's chinese food for breakfast. and desperately trying to find a new tv series to get into!

so, hopefully i can add 'painting the wall' to this list.... it prolly wont happen though =\

Friday, April 29, 2011

oh gosh

its been so long. i hadn't even realized that so much time had passed. well, for all out there who feel the need for change, i have been here just over 2 months, and i already feel the need to switch up my room. hmmmm that requires cleaning doesnt it =\ oh well. the wall is coming together nicely. and i would be done by now, but i ran out of painters tape last week i cant wait to show you the finished product!!! =D hopefully i'll start remembering that i HAVE a blog haha

toodle pip ;]

Saturday, April 16, 2011


i keep trying to count how many times ive actually moved, but then i get confused around 18 as to which ones ive already counted. i dont go by address, i go by visual memory... cant really write that down effectively. BUT i do know that i have moved on my own accord twice. the first time when i left my mother's house, and the second time when i moved out of Mel's and to my dad's. i think its best to count those instead. much less confusing ;] however, im only going to count the move to college once, because it would add up too quickly otherwise, and that makes for confusion. poor Spencer, he is going to be so confused by the time i settle down...if i ever settle down

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well its been a while

Since i last posted, got my debit card, got a job. FINALLY got the actual acceptance letter from NPU. paid my tuition deposit. registered for classes. Decided to kick my cat out of my room at night so i could SLEEP. Finished all three seasons of Leverage, obtained a 'star crush', did some laundry =D and STILL havent sent back my netflix movie -__- might get approved for a student credit card soon - thats today's adventure. and bought a bike (it has a basket!!!!!!!)

 i plan on using this bike to get to work and back on nice days, it will save SO much money in gas. the price per gallon is ridiculous! last i checked its 3.64 but that was like a week ago and its nothing compared to the rest of the country. we need an alternative source. when this mover decides to actually settle down in a house, she wants to put solar panels all over the roof. possibly a few in the yard. it will help keep electric bills down, and whatever electricity isn't used, the electric company has to buy back =] i just feel like its the smart (and responsible) thing to do. not normally an eco freak, but we only have one earth, please dont destroy it.... its where i keep all my shit. <-- thats for you mella ;]

Friday, April 8, 2011


there are so many things that i want to start doing to be ready for north park, but there are stupid little things that stand in my way... like not having the pin for my debit card yet -__-

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

today consists of...

im still on the excited wave that came from hearing about my acceptance. im sure it will die down soon. and as soon as that happens im going to get the actual package in the mail haha.

hopefully putting my deposit in today, and possibly getting a tour of the local community college from an old friend (actually she was my baby sitter when i was a baby) havent really seen her in a year or two so it should be a fun day.... as soon as i find her number... hmmmmmm

Monday, April 4, 2011



looks like another move is in my future guys! so excited!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


i am now expecting some news from npu. monday. i talked to the head of transfers and he said that he will look monday and i should expect to hear from him then =D YAY!!!!

and also dave is coming back for easter break! i has a happy! haha

Friday, April 1, 2011


i still havent heard anything from NPU and im getting really frustrated.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to MEEE

its gonna be a good day. i found a song. my favorite song. that i havent heard in about 7 years. i first heard it on a mcdonalds cd.

Plus One - Going Crazy


^ignore the fact that its sailor moon... or dont. personally i dont care.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


i accomplished 0 out of the 3 things that i meant to do today -__- wonderous

big day tomorrow, job fair and more things related to job hunting

Monday, March 28, 2011

it must be a sign

it must be a sign that the end is near...

i uh, cleaned my room and did some laundry =3 hehe OH and i opened my last box, ya know the one that remains unopened for the longest time. so long that you can only clearly remember one or two items that are in it. haha. yup today was that day.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

im sorry, again

alrightie, for the 0 people that read this boring blog on a regular basis, i am sorry for not posting. i wasn't really even busy. i had an interview the other day, ummm started some more projects, yelled at spencer, had some REALLY weird dreams -the weirdest ones are always when a you are not the same gender you went to sleep as.

my wall still isn't done, it should have been done about 2.5 weeks ago, if not more. not due to hear back from NPU until April 7th at the latest. if i don't hear from them by then, i'll be so mad, that i will sprout wings, and fly to Chicago. then, i will storm the admissions building, and scare them with my wings. and make them accept me. the end.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i has an interview. front desk worker at a hotel =D!!! wish me luck!

on another note, i still have not heard a THING from my college of choice =\ i keep getting spam mail from them, but no acceptance letter. and no "we regret to inform you" letter either. i think im going to call my advisor soon, like tomorrow...

Monday, March 21, 2011


and mostly in one piece to boot! =] spence decided to ride on my shoulders for 89% of the ride... so now my back hurts, but other than that all  is well. watching the little mermaid tonight. possibly other stuff too =]

Sunday, March 20, 2011

dave is flying

this very second.... he is in a plane. flying. to chicago. and i wont get to see him for another 7 weeks. but we did have fun. and his family invited me to their easter, even though dave wont be there. i feel loved =3

Saturday, March 19, 2011

it is saturday

dave leaves for chicago tomorrow, i is saddened. i always miss him so much while hes gone. i cant wait until i can go to chicago with him.

AND here are the flower arrangements i made for joy and jon. (the expo is there for size reference)

its not the best picture in the world, but it'll do =3

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spencer is strange

for those of you who don't know, Spencer is my cat. his favorite foods include (but are not limited to) hummus, pork chops, stuffing, chicken, and the leftovers of a sardine can.... however... he turns his nose up at steak!!! STEAK!!!! he chases his own tail... daily. and doesn't seem to learn that i do not want him on my night stand... oh, he also finds peanut shells and plays with them. no one in the house has any idea where he gets them.... i lost count at 8. all of a sudden every time i stepped there was a crunch sound.

and that is the end of my cat rant.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

yet another thursday....

i may or may not be going back to eastern ct AGAIN today... its a really long drive... it didn't seem like it the first few times, but now its getting old. and its a long bumpy ride. if it weren't for Dave i wouldn't be going at all... but ill be going some time this weekend... i'm just not sure when...

and by the way happy saint patty's day, especially to all us Irish <3


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hum diddle de dee now

looking for work tomorrow, might be stopping by the local high school to try and get corsage orders =3

still not completely moved in. i still have one box that has all of its packing tape still on it, and a couple more that are full of things that i am not quite sure what to do with yet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

is now making corsages and boutonnieres!!!!

will post pictures! ive done two different ones so far with matching boutonnieres! but the first one we're just going to count as crap and leave it at that. now i just need to decide on a price that will cover materials, possible postage, and possibly work time... i intend for them to be cheap. they will be done with fake flowers, this way they'll last forever and you can see them in the same condition as when you got them, instead of seeing a shriveled up mess of brown petals and leaves. pics to come if i ever remember! for pricing, right now imma go on an as it comes basis. depending on the individual's choice of flowers. =3

Monday, March 14, 2011

one long car ride later

back in western MA. dave is here, but only for today =\. his mom wouldnt let him stay longer. and this saddens me

Sunday, March 13, 2011


i apologize to my 3 followers... and the possible others who read my blog. i have had unreliable internetz. i finally got a chance to sit down, plug in my computer, and post a brief message. i should be back on track starting tomorrow =]

Thursday, March 10, 2011

woooooooo tomorrow!

dave comes back tomorrow!!!! im so excited!!! im leaving for north eastern connecticut later today... imma stop at mel's for a bit, then head on to alyssa's. not bringing my cat, he'll just succeed in making things complicated.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday was a workout day

not even a fun one... i need better shoes...

now im hungry, and i havent a clue as to what to eat

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

and now its tuesday

so i couldnt really force myself out of bed to wake up and work out. it was unfortunate. but my legs wouldve hated me even more if i had. so im prolly going to do a bunch of crunches and absolutely no leg work. even my butt hurts. thats what i get for never being active i guess. only a few more days until i get to see my love!!!!! =D

Monday, March 7, 2011

it is monday, yet again...

today i am working out for the first time in ever. and i have a whole slew of things i gotta do. i finished the corsage, ill try to remember to post pics tomorrow =]

Sunday, March 6, 2011

but its sunday now and you can bet that im alright

sunday!!!! tomorrow i plan on going to the millstone (-very small- local grocery store) to hand in my application in hopes that i get a REAL job. not some scam about selling knives. well... its an almost scam. its a legitimate company, but their practices are very shitty. they sell great knives, but apparently the pressure is unbearable. anyway, id rather work a regular job, with a regular paycheck anyday. i prefer the security in knowing what im going to get.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

before i know it, saturday's gone

only a few more days till i can see my love again!!! 6 to be exact... or is my count off?? hes coming back on the 11th. IM SO EXCITED!!!!

annnnd i was able to hang up my white boards and cork boards! this makes me happy. but my bed is now a mess because of cleaning. why do i have so much CRAP??? all of the things on my bed are things im not exactly sure what to do with. i think im going to start a purse/ bag box... that might help.

by the way, i got the job, it was a scam.... EVERYONE got the job.

Friday, March 4, 2011

friday take too long

well, i got an interview for today. maybe my life wont be so boring now. its not that i dont have things to do, i just dont really wanna clean my room, or draw more squares on my walls, or sew a dress, or make a corsage. those are my current projects... not in that order. i DO wanna nail up my white boards and cork boards, but uh, i dont have a hammer or nails. yet. and i havent a clue what to do with all of this stuff, all of these boxes. its JUNK, but there are some things that i cant exactly get rid of yet, and i dont really know what to do with them.... any one wanna buy a bunch of barbies? they arent in the best shape, but i have about 25.... and clothes for them, shoes, brushes, and a horse.... OH and a training toilet with real toilet paper!!! i actually thought that was cool though. alright, back to cleaning i guess....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wednesday i feel better just for spite

nothing really going on today. gonna work more on my wall, and the flower arrangement for my friend's prom. got the little paint brush that i needed yesterday, so now i can start to do the touchups my wall so desperately needs. i also need to finish my essay. well, its done, but i need to have someone look over it. its the last thing that i need to do for my application. the other part needs to be done by someone who is a non family member. even though i consider wendy family, npu wont. so, she gets to write me a reccomendation =] i couldnt ask for a better person to write it

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tuesdays i get a little sideways

... except im not getting sideways haha. my chance would have been friday. but uh, apparently it was a dud anyway. either way, i dont really care. my wall is looking better. ill post a pic tomorrow if i remember. but it looks awesome.

Monday, February 28, 2011

except for mondays which were never good anyways

not saying that its going to be a bad monday, that song just jumped into my head. and i plan on following it for the week. incase you were wondering what happened at that party on friday, well... i wouldnt know. i didnt go. i painted a wall in my room instead. hung up clothes that were packed. ran out of hangers. opened some boxes. got a massive hand cramp from painting. had hot dogs for dinner with orange juice.... it was anything but a college party. and ya know what? im ok with that. im going to be in college for years. im sure ill get around to going to a party at somepoint. and ya know what else? id rather dave be there. having someone to dance with, and stand or sit next to is always better than just going with a friend. granted lexi is a great friend. but. its just not the same.

Didnt really do much today, helped my dad organize part of his office, painted more of my wall. this has taken three days thus far just doing the squares. its gonna take at least another two to finish and one more for all of the touch-ups im going to have to do. anyways, here are the pictures:

Sunday, February 27, 2011


sigh, today is the first sunday in months that i am not going to attend church. the church i would usually go to is about 2 hours away. its just not feasable. this makes me sad. i cant see the people i would usually see, talk to those i usually talk to. no more girl dates. it was uplifting. it was my social outting of the week.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

this is fake

well, rather, this was written and schuled to be posted. this way i would at least have something for today. but, im still not really unpacked. i prolly wont be for the next three years hahaha. its gotten to the point where i dont know where to put things anymore. so. its in the middle of my floor, or on my dresser, or in a plastic bag in my closet. fun stuff. i cant really walk in my room, because my slippers are too big for the trails. i need assistance.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

events to unfold?

so today i woke up, putzed around for a bit. went to lexi's. chilled out. lost a game of pool (i hit the stupid 8 ball) and she invited me to a party for tomorrow, which i guess is today now... not really sure whats gonna happen. theres two on the same day. im a little nervous. ive never been to a college party before, and my bf is in chicago. my protector isnt here to keep me safe, and to keep me from doing stupid stuff.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

back from chicago and moved in

wow a lot has happened since i first posted. chicago was AMAZING and i cant wait to go back in august! yesterday my friends helped me move in, they ended up carting some of my stuff about two hours away because it didnt all fit in my dad's truck and my car. never realized how much crap i have. when they went to leave they got stuck in a snow bank. the fire chief had to come and pull them out.

all and all it was a good day. last night however, my cat decided to become a chatter box. would not stop. i HAD to be touching him. but he didnt figure out that i wasnt getting out of bed for him until around 6:30 this morning. he hasnt really talked since. i win?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011



incase you havent been reading. im leaving for chicago tomorrow! im so excited! I havent seen my boyfriend in a month! i cant wait!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so today

so today i get a call from my den mother if you will at 11am saying that she figured i was up (i wasnt) and that i need to move my boxes out of the room because they are "in the way". they were all stacked neatly in the corner of the room for one. and not really blocking anything. AND im leaving in like a week. cant she just hold out till then? i dont understand. they werent in the way of anything and they werent hurting anyone. they were just sitting politely in thier corner, minding thier own business. this family is insane.

today is a complaining day. incase you hadnt noticed

now im trying to get my dad to help me with my fafsa, but he hasnt called me back in over two hours and this needed to get done awhile ago. my own fault i know. but still. he hasnt even done his taxes yet. so i have to fill it out differently. i just want to be in chicago. now. actually, a month ago. im sick of these strange inbetweens. cant it be black and white? blue and orange? red and green? purple and yellow? none of this brown crap. anyone catch the artistic reference? or the brown crap? no? yes? maybe? whatever. i want it to be clean cut. (doesnt everyone?) either live at home with parents -id rather die- or be on my own. i dont understand the difficulty. its frickin called freedom. a chance to see what i really am without the constraint of others. i wanna be able to come and go as i please with no one waiting up saying "where were you?" maybe ill want it back later. but certainly not now.

the end

Sunday, February 13, 2011

today was a lovely girl date

today i had a girl date with wendy, my boyfriend's mom. we watched home movies from when dave was little, doing karate and pretending to do karate, and birthdays and whatnot. it is now nap time though. visiting chicago in 4 daaaays!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

hello fellow travelers

hello everyone. today i had a nap. the end.


i went shopping with joyfulness for a purse, and a belt. i saw these really cute shoes on sale but i didnt have enough, by like 10 dollars. BUT thats not the point. havent gotten any further in packing than when i first started. but thats still 98% of it all. and i have time. i just created a facebook event to see if people could help me move because this move requires me to stop by my mother's house. which is always interesting. so i'll leave it at that for today. mostly cause i have to pee. talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, February 11, 2011

today is FRIDAY


hello! lets see lets see... today i have my last meeting with my therapist before i move. the next meeting was supposed to be the last, but plans change. hopefully i can find another one when i move.

then im taking my little brother to the movies for his birthday. it was in november, but because of his father being the BIGGEST JERK IVE EVER MET    -and thats putting it lightly- its taken this long for him to let me take the poor boy. he wanted me to get a note from a psych doc stating that i was stable enough to handle the 7 year old. so i got the note. he didnt accept it. BECAUSE, my psych doc happens to not have her doctorate. so now my mother has to tag along -____- not happy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mailing fun.

How in the world is it possible to fall asleep at 2:37am and wake up naturally at 7:21am? That just shouldnt be allowed. Just sayin'

Today I plan on packing some more, and getting some things mailed out... apparently my mother and her husband claimed me on their taxes even though I did not live with them for over half of last year. -ok, 7 months, thats still over half-

so for some reason that made me not qualify for efiling? i dunno. so i have to mail those in, and supposedly my mother and her :bleep: of a husband will get a letter from the IRS stating that they shouldn't have claimed me. so BOOO YAAAH!!! I FRICKIN WIN!!! TAKE THAT YOU JERKS!!!! =D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

yesterday and today

Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands, including picking up my valentines day gift for my very special valentine. I also grabbed some boxes from my old job.

Today, I pulled the boxes out of my trunk and started packing. 4/5 boxes are currently filled and taped up, along with a trash bag full of clothes that i wont be wearing for the next two weeks until my move. Pictured below.

I am ever so excited to be moving. Soon enough, I will have my own room again!!! =D

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Shall Forever Be Known As Day One

Day one has been interesting and eventful. I am officially moving soon which excites me. This place is stale. This place is stuffy. This place is old, and I crave the new. I need a change of pace, a change of scenery and place. SO! Two weeks from tomorrow, OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW! I have some things to figure out beforehand, but this will be yet another fun adventure!