Monday, February 28, 2011

except for mondays which were never good anyways

not saying that its going to be a bad monday, that song just jumped into my head. and i plan on following it for the week. incase you were wondering what happened at that party on friday, well... i wouldnt know. i didnt go. i painted a wall in my room instead. hung up clothes that were packed. ran out of hangers. opened some boxes. got a massive hand cramp from painting. had hot dogs for dinner with orange juice.... it was anything but a college party. and ya know what? im ok with that. im going to be in college for years. im sure ill get around to going to a party at somepoint. and ya know what else? id rather dave be there. having someone to dance with, and stand or sit next to is always better than just going with a friend. granted lexi is a great friend. but. its just not the same.

Didnt really do much today, helped my dad organize part of his office, painted more of my wall. this has taken three days thus far just doing the squares. its gonna take at least another two to finish and one more for all of the touch-ups im going to have to do. anyways, here are the pictures:

Sunday, February 27, 2011


sigh, today is the first sunday in months that i am not going to attend church. the church i would usually go to is about 2 hours away. its just not feasable. this makes me sad. i cant see the people i would usually see, talk to those i usually talk to. no more girl dates. it was uplifting. it was my social outting of the week.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

this is fake

well, rather, this was written and schuled to be posted. this way i would at least have something for today. but, im still not really unpacked. i prolly wont be for the next three years hahaha. its gotten to the point where i dont know where to put things anymore. so. its in the middle of my floor, or on my dresser, or in a plastic bag in my closet. fun stuff. i cant really walk in my room, because my slippers are too big for the trails. i need assistance.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

events to unfold?

so today i woke up, putzed around for a bit. went to lexi's. chilled out. lost a game of pool (i hit the stupid 8 ball) and she invited me to a party for tomorrow, which i guess is today now... not really sure whats gonna happen. theres two on the same day. im a little nervous. ive never been to a college party before, and my bf is in chicago. my protector isnt here to keep me safe, and to keep me from doing stupid stuff.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

back from chicago and moved in

wow a lot has happened since i first posted. chicago was AMAZING and i cant wait to go back in august! yesterday my friends helped me move in, they ended up carting some of my stuff about two hours away because it didnt all fit in my dad's truck and my car. never realized how much crap i have. when they went to leave they got stuck in a snow bank. the fire chief had to come and pull them out.

all and all it was a good day. last night however, my cat decided to become a chatter box. would not stop. i HAD to be touching him. but he didnt figure out that i wasnt getting out of bed for him until around 6:30 this morning. he hasnt really talked since. i win?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011



incase you havent been reading. im leaving for chicago tomorrow! im so excited! I havent seen my boyfriend in a month! i cant wait!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so today

so today i get a call from my den mother if you will at 11am saying that she figured i was up (i wasnt) and that i need to move my boxes out of the room because they are "in the way". they were all stacked neatly in the corner of the room for one. and not really blocking anything. AND im leaving in like a week. cant she just hold out till then? i dont understand. they werent in the way of anything and they werent hurting anyone. they were just sitting politely in thier corner, minding thier own business. this family is insane.

today is a complaining day. incase you hadnt noticed

now im trying to get my dad to help me with my fafsa, but he hasnt called me back in over two hours and this needed to get done awhile ago. my own fault i know. but still. he hasnt even done his taxes yet. so i have to fill it out differently. i just want to be in chicago. now. actually, a month ago. im sick of these strange inbetweens. cant it be black and white? blue and orange? red and green? purple and yellow? none of this brown crap. anyone catch the artistic reference? or the brown crap? no? yes? maybe? whatever. i want it to be clean cut. (doesnt everyone?) either live at home with parents -id rather die- or be on my own. i dont understand the difficulty. its frickin called freedom. a chance to see what i really am without the constraint of others. i wanna be able to come and go as i please with no one waiting up saying "where were you?" maybe ill want it back later. but certainly not now.

the end

Sunday, February 13, 2011

today was a lovely girl date

today i had a girl date with wendy, my boyfriend's mom. we watched home movies from when dave was little, doing karate and pretending to do karate, and birthdays and whatnot. it is now nap time though. visiting chicago in 4 daaaays!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

hello fellow travelers

hello everyone. today i had a nap. the end.


i went shopping with joyfulness for a purse, and a belt. i saw these really cute shoes on sale but i didnt have enough, by like 10 dollars. BUT thats not the point. havent gotten any further in packing than when i first started. but thats still 98% of it all. and i have time. i just created a facebook event to see if people could help me move because this move requires me to stop by my mother's house. which is always interesting. so i'll leave it at that for today. mostly cause i have to pee. talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, February 11, 2011

today is FRIDAY


hello! lets see lets see... today i have my last meeting with my therapist before i move. the next meeting was supposed to be the last, but plans change. hopefully i can find another one when i move.

then im taking my little brother to the movies for his birthday. it was in november, but because of his father being the BIGGEST JERK IVE EVER MET    -and thats putting it lightly- its taken this long for him to let me take the poor boy. he wanted me to get a note from a psych doc stating that i was stable enough to handle the 7 year old. so i got the note. he didnt accept it. BECAUSE, my psych doc happens to not have her doctorate. so now my mother has to tag along -____- not happy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mailing fun.

How in the world is it possible to fall asleep at 2:37am and wake up naturally at 7:21am? That just shouldnt be allowed. Just sayin'

Today I plan on packing some more, and getting some things mailed out... apparently my mother and her husband claimed me on their taxes even though I did not live with them for over half of last year. -ok, 7 months, thats still over half-

so for some reason that made me not qualify for efiling? i dunno. so i have to mail those in, and supposedly my mother and her :bleep: of a husband will get a letter from the IRS stating that they shouldn't have claimed me. so BOOO YAAAH!!! I FRICKIN WIN!!! TAKE THAT YOU JERKS!!!! =D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

yesterday and today

Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands, including picking up my valentines day gift for my very special valentine. I also grabbed some boxes from my old job.

Today, I pulled the boxes out of my trunk and started packing. 4/5 boxes are currently filled and taped up, along with a trash bag full of clothes that i wont be wearing for the next two weeks until my move. Pictured below.

I am ever so excited to be moving. Soon enough, I will have my own room again!!! =D

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Shall Forever Be Known As Day One

Day one has been interesting and eventful. I am officially moving soon which excites me. This place is stale. This place is stuffy. This place is old, and I crave the new. I need a change of pace, a change of scenery and place. SO! Two weeks from tomorrow, OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW! I have some things to figure out beforehand, but this will be yet another fun adventure!