Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 2

Today is day 2 of official Chicago living. And it is amazing. And its funny, you'd think that i'd miss the stars, the crickets, the hills, the winding roads. But i dont. Not terribly anyway. I notice the lack of such things, but i dont really miss them. I'm all too happy to replace them with traffic lights, sirens, skyscrapers, and grids for roads. I love it here. I went to navy pier and millennium park today. Saw the trees that were being held back by iron bars. It reminded me of a song

"They took all the trees
and put them in a tree musieum
and theyre chargin the people a dollar and a half to see em

now now now dont it always seem to go
that you dont know what you got till its gone
they paved paradise
and put up a parking lot"

I have no idea who sings it, and i dont really feel like looking it up. But i do really like it, and its prolly not even right haha. And thats that. I'll edit this post later and put in some pics of my day (which was a date by the way, for anyone who cares about my personal/love life). But ya, pics, soon.

ok, sorry its been so long! i know its been over twenty days since i said soon for pics. (even though im quite convinced that no one actually cares haha)
Navy Pier
The Marilyn Monroe Statue

The trees I mentioned earlier

Part of Millennium Park?

Picasso Sculpture
(from behind) 

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