Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so today

so today i get a call from my den mother if you will at 11am saying that she figured i was up (i wasnt) and that i need to move my boxes out of the room because they are "in the way". they were all stacked neatly in the corner of the room for one. and not really blocking anything. AND im leaving in like a week. cant she just hold out till then? i dont understand. they werent in the way of anything and they werent hurting anyone. they were just sitting politely in thier corner, minding thier own business. this family is insane.

today is a complaining day. incase you hadnt noticed

now im trying to get my dad to help me with my fafsa, but he hasnt called me back in over two hours and this needed to get done awhile ago. my own fault i know. but still. he hasnt even done his taxes yet. so i have to fill it out differently. i just want to be in chicago. now. actually, a month ago. im sick of these strange inbetweens. cant it be black and white? blue and orange? red and green? purple and yellow? none of this brown crap. anyone catch the artistic reference? or the brown crap? no? yes? maybe? whatever. i want it to be clean cut. (doesnt everyone?) either live at home with parents -id rather die- or be on my own. i dont understand the difficulty. its frickin called freedom. a chance to see what i really am without the constraint of others. i wanna be able to come and go as i please with no one waiting up saying "where were you?" maybe ill want it back later. but certainly not now.

the end

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