Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well its been a while

Since i last posted, got my debit card, got a job. FINALLY got the actual acceptance letter from NPU. paid my tuition deposit. registered for classes. Decided to kick my cat out of my room at night so i could SLEEP. Finished all three seasons of Leverage, obtained a 'star crush', did some laundry =D and STILL havent sent back my netflix movie -__- might get approved for a student credit card soon - thats today's adventure. and bought a bike (it has a basket!!!!!!!)

 i plan on using this bike to get to work and back on nice days, it will save SO much money in gas. the price per gallon is ridiculous! last i checked its 3.64 but that was like a week ago and its nothing compared to the rest of the country. we need an alternative source. when this mover decides to actually settle down in a house, she wants to put solar panels all over the roof. possibly a few in the yard. it will help keep electric bills down, and whatever electricity isn't used, the electric company has to buy back =] i just feel like its the smart (and responsible) thing to do. not normally an eco freak, but we only have one earth, please dont destroy it.... its where i keep all my shit. <-- thats for you mella ;]

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