Monday, February 28, 2011

except for mondays which were never good anyways

not saying that its going to be a bad monday, that song just jumped into my head. and i plan on following it for the week. incase you were wondering what happened at that party on friday, well... i wouldnt know. i didnt go. i painted a wall in my room instead. hung up clothes that were packed. ran out of hangers. opened some boxes. got a massive hand cramp from painting. had hot dogs for dinner with orange juice.... it was anything but a college party. and ya know what? im ok with that. im going to be in college for years. im sure ill get around to going to a party at somepoint. and ya know what else? id rather dave be there. having someone to dance with, and stand or sit next to is always better than just going with a friend. granted lexi is a great friend. but. its just not the same.

Didnt really do much today, helped my dad organize part of his office, painted more of my wall. this has taken three days thus far just doing the squares. its gonna take at least another two to finish and one more for all of the touch-ups im going to have to do. anyways, here are the pictures:

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