Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 26

God, has it really been twenty six days already? yes (i counted twice). honestly i've probably spent a third sleeping at friends' places haha. ive learned the public transit system better, gone to a grocery store that is so hispanic that even the radio is on a spanish speaking station, seen a rather creepy manikin (a 'young' girl with a bunny head) - during the day it isnt so bad, but at night? all alone? when youre kinda lost? damn. its pretty freaky. ive also participated in an epic robot apocalypse themed game of tag. unfortunately all i have for souvenirs from that adventure is a couple of picture sized fliers, a purple ribbon, and two huge blisters on my heals. but it really was quite fun.

ive been going to story time things with my friends lately. They are called Here's the Story and Grown Folks Stories. They have both been a ton of fun so far. The epic game of tag was actually hosted by the Here's the Story crew. again, mucho funness. after Grown Folks Stories the other day we went out for noms. i found an enjoyable sign and took a picture.

at first you think "20 tacos??? who would want to buy 20? how often did that happen before they felt the need to put the sign up???" BUT they were on the smaller side and SUPER good. which made the 20 taco limit more understandable.

"This is too small to be this tasty"

had to get the same one. twice ;]

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