Friday, March 4, 2011

friday take too long

well, i got an interview for today. maybe my life wont be so boring now. its not that i dont have things to do, i just dont really wanna clean my room, or draw more squares on my walls, or sew a dress, or make a corsage. those are my current projects... not in that order. i DO wanna nail up my white boards and cork boards, but uh, i dont have a hammer or nails. yet. and i havent a clue what to do with all of this stuff, all of these boxes. its JUNK, but there are some things that i cant exactly get rid of yet, and i dont really know what to do with them.... any one wanna buy a bunch of barbies? they arent in the best shape, but i have about 25.... and clothes for them, shoes, brushes, and a horse.... OH and a training toilet with real toilet paper!!! i actually thought that was cool though. alright, back to cleaning i guess....

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